3 Expert Tips for Beautiful Wedding Lipstick

Defining your lips with beautiful, gorgeous lipstick on your wedding day is a must. You want your lips to stand out from the crowd and look sultry in your wedding photos.

Wedding Lipstick

Image via Bifford the Youngest

But what if you don’t have much practice when it comes to wearing lipstick? For good wedding lipstick, you want it to stay put all day and to make your lips look full and pouty. Read on for three expert tips to get your lips looking great for your wedding day.

  1. Start with a primer, concealer or foundation. Most lipstick novices just apply lipstick to their lips straight from the tube. If you’d like to have a purer color and longer staying-power, start with a primer instead. Just smooth a primer, concealer or foundation on your lips, paying special attention to the outer edges of your lips.
  2. Use more than one color. If you want some dimension to your lips, rather than a flat color, go for several shades. Use the light color–like a classic red–over your lips and then use a darker color–like dark wine–at the inside corners of your lips blending inward. This adds natural-looking shading for a 3D effect.
  3. Seal it with translucent powder. You don’t want to worry about your lipstick wearing off as you make your way through your wedding day. Seal in the lipstick by dusting on a thin layer of loose translucent powder once you’re finished adding color. Press your lips together and you’re left with a smudge-proof pout.

What’s your go-to color for wedding lipstick?