3 Reasons Why Elephant Favors Are Perfect For Indian Weddings

Courtesy of greenweddingcalifornia.com

Weddings are a wonderful time for self expression. It’s the one day when it’s expected for the bride to have the spotlight on her. That’s why it is so important that the wedding day reflects her personality, sense of style and even culture. Choosing to celebrate their heritage, many brides include customs and traditions that uniquely personalize their special day.

For Indian brides, a wedding rich in tradition joins not only the couple, but their families and communities in a vibrant celebration that can span over several days. Since the elephant has long been a proud symbol of Indian culture, it’s no surprise that it is a popular wedding symbol, as well, that is often celebrated in the elaborate decor and used as Indian wedding favors.

Why elephants and weddings are a match made in heaven

  1. Elephants are a sacred animal in India, and the union of marriage is also sacred.
  2. Elephants represent loyalty, wisdom, and longevity—qualities of a good marriage.
  3. Elephants are symbols of good luck and excellent fortune—something every bride and groom need.

elephant-favor.jpgelephant-place-card-holder.jpgThat’s why they’re the perfect favor for weddings. Whether you’re Indian or just want to infuse your wedding with some Indian culture or good luck, these elephant wedding favors are a unique way to share blessings with your guests. Choosing the silver elephant place card holder will be a double blessing. Not only will you have a fantastic addition to your table décor that helps your guests locate the seat of honor, they can use it after the wedding to hold notes, photos or other information and have it as a special remembrance of your day. To add a regal touch to your table, try the golden elephant favor instead. It’s perfect for outdoor weddings or anywhere you’d like to bring a little good luck.