3 Reasons Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

Technology has changed a lot over the years, and now it has found its way into weddings. Where people used to gaze at the couple as they said their vows, now they reach for their cell phones to capture the event in photo and video form.

Image via MjZ Photography

But what if you want to remove the technological aspect from your wedding? In this case, it’s called an “unplugged wedding.” You ask your guests to leave the cell phones and other devices at home. Read on for 3 great reasons why you should have an unplugged wedding.

  1. You want your guests to be present–mentally. Just because someone is physically at your wedding, doesn’t mean they’re fully engaged. That’s especially the case when they have their eyes glued to a cell phone screen. When you ban the smart devices, your guests will be much more present to actually enjoy the event.
  2. You want control of what pictures end up on social media. When dozens of guests are snapping photos and video during your ceremony and reception, it’s hard to control what images end up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’d rather have the final say on what the public sees from your event, opt for the unplugged wedding.
  3. You want an old-fashioned feel to your wedding. Vintage-inspired weddings have been a big trend for years, yet it’s hard to get the feeling of the roaring ’20s when there are so many cell phones in your guests’ hands. Instead, ask guests to keep the ceremony and reception authentic–by ditching the devices.

Have fun with your unplugged wedding!