4 Most Beautiful Wedding Bouquets

A bride’s wedding bouquet is the most important wedding accessory. It is a focal point that ties the entire wedding theme together and should compliment the bride in a perfect way.

Finding a wedding bouquet that is just right for your special day may be a challenge. Here are four ideas to assist you in choosing the most beautiful bouquet for your wedding day.

1. Freshly Picked


There is nothing sweeter than a handful of flowers freshly picked from the garden. You can imitate that beautifully fresh look into your wedding bouquet by pairing lush blooms with smaller varieties of flowers and sprigs of greenery.

2. Bright Burst of Color

If you really want your bouquet to stand out then include bright bursts of color in your wedding bouquet. Try bright oranges, pinks, greens, or even a multi-color arrangement to really shine.

3. Texture Variety


Make your wedding bouquet unique by mixing in a different element of texture into your bouquet. You can include rare flower bouquet items such as fern curls, scabosa pods, or silver brunia balls to complete your beautifully textured bouquet.

4. Classic White


If your wedding theme is simple and classy then keep your wedding bouquet classic with gorgeous white or ivory flowers such as white roses, gardenia, ranunculus, lily of the valley, orchids or peonies. Your gorgeous white wedding bouquet will be timeless.