5 Cool Costume Themes for Your Halloween Wedding

Halloween is a popular day to say your I-Dos. Brave, quirky and oft-silly couples yearn to celebrate their love on this fun and fanciful holiday. And, in the spirit of Halloween, most like to bring the holiday into their outfits. Costume themes give that extra level of celebration, rather than sporting the traditional white wedding dress and black tuxedo.

An elegant black Halloween theme. Photo copyright Blush Printables.

If you’re planning your nuptials for October 31st, consider some of these fun costume themes for your big day.


  1. Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for this theme. Your groom can dress up as Frankenstein’s monster and you as his bride. The bride of Frankenstein sports an enormous black beehive with stripes of gray. As an added bonus, you still get to wear the white dress! If your guests feel like participating, ask them to come as angry villagers.
  2. The Love of Vampires. Due to some recent books and movies, vampires have become the symbol of love and romance, as well as scary eternity. Lighten your complexion with some white powder and darken circles around your eyes. You could even paint two blood spots on your neck from your recent vampire bite. Black and red are great color choices for your outfits.
  3. The Addams Family. Morticia and Gomez Addams are one of the most romantic and spooky couples out there. Sport a long, flowing black dress that hugs your curves like the beautiful Morticia, while your groom slicks his hair back for his best Gomez impression. Your flower girl and ring bearer could even dress as Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. Ask guests to come dressed in slightly Victorian/Gothic garb to fit the theme.
  4. A Full Zombie Affair. Zombies are becoming ever popular, and people love to dress up as them. Ask a makeup artist to give you an undead makeover. Buy a wedding dress from a thrift store so you don’t mind if it gets covered in blood and faux decay. If you can convince your guests to dress this way as well, it’ll be a night to remember. As an added bonus, ask your cake decorator to make the dessert look like brains. After all, that’s a zombie’s favorite treat.
  5. Black Elegance. While costumes are popular for a Halloween wedding, you don’t have to go that route. If you’d prefer something more elegant, just add a bit of black to the affair. Your bridesmaids could wear black dresses, and you could have black accents in your wedding gown. A small black veil would be the picture of chic Halloween style.

Have any other fun ideas for your Halloween wedding? Let us know in the comments!