5 Disney Wedding Cakes That Will Inspire You

Disney movies have been a mainstay ever since the very first Mickey Mouse movie, Steamboat Willie, came out in 1928. Even though Disney’s target audience is children, the movies have been loved by adults as well–so much so that Disney-themed weddings are on the rise.

If you’re having one of these magical weddings, you may be looking for some inspiration when it comes to Disney wedding cakes. We’ve got you covered! Read on for our five favorites.

Disney Wedding Cake: Cinderella's Castle

Image via Pinterest

Cinderella’s castle is a must when it comes to the Magic Kingdom. Topping your cake with the iconic castle is a great way to keep the wedding classy and sophisticated.

Disney Wedding Cake: Glass Slipper

Image via Bridal Guide

Another great image from Cinderella is the glass slipper. A wedding cake topped with a pillow and glass slipper is a good way to show that the groom found his princess.

Disney Wedding Cake: Enchanted Rose

Image via Pinterest

Beauty and the Beast is another romantic Disney movie. Incorporate the enchanted rose into your wedding cake’s design.

Disney Wedding Cake: Up Chair Toppers

Image via Disney Style

What about new movies? Disney Pixar’s Up is known for the love story in the beginning of the movie. This Disney wedding cake features the characters’ chairs as toppers.

Disney Wedding Cake: Disney Film

Image via Disney’s Ever After Blog

Can’t pick out a favorite Disney movie? In this case, you could always cover your cake with all of them.

What Disney movie do you want to immortalize in wedding cake?