5 Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Procrastinators out there will recognize this problem: When you wait to get something for the newly-married couple, their wedding registry could already be full. Sure, they had a list of things they wanted months ago, but by the time it’s a week until the wedding, there’s nothing left to buy but a slotted spoon and a few napkin rings.

5 Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Image via Katherine McAdoo

If it’s gotten to the last minute and you still need to get them a gift, don’t worry. Check out these last minute wedding gift ideas.

  1. Get them a gift card. But don’t give it to some place practical. They’re already getting a bunch of practical things from their wedding registry. Instead, choose a fun local shop, a movie theater or a fancy restaurant.
  2. You can’t go wrong with picture frames. Once the wedding photographer delivers the goods, the happy couple will be swimming in pictures and will need frames galore for displaying them. You could even get them two small frames so they each have one to decorate their desks at work.
  3. Get them a couple’s cookbook. There are books out their made for couples who like to cook together. You’ll definitely get some Thoughtfulness Points with this one.
  4. A bottle of wine could be your savior. If you’re really leaving things last-minute and are even on your way to the wedding as we speak, a bottle of wine or champagne is a good way to go. Most stores even have perfectly-shaped gift bags right near the wine aisle.
  5. If all else fails, tuck money in with their card. Weddings are expensive, and so is starting a life together. If you suck at coming up with cool gifts and you’re running out of time, slip some cash in with your greeting card. It may seem impersonal, but it’s still a time-honored wedding gift. You likely won’t be the only one.

Are you getting married soon? What gifts would you like to receive from your procrastinating guests?