5 Sweet Treats for Your Autumn Wedding

Sure, you could have a classic, traditional wedding, full of chicken-or-fish dinners and a plain white cake. But what if you want to do something different? Perhaps you’re having an autumn wedding and you want sweet treats that are perfect for the season.

Well, we have you covered! Read on for five yummy treats for your autumn wedding.

Treats for Your Autumn Wedding: Wedding Pies

Image via Set Free Photography

Fall is all about pie; whether it’s filled with apple, pecan or pumpkin. If you prefer pie, why not provide tiers of mini-pies for your guests instead of a cake?

Treats for Your Autumn Wedding: Caramel Apple Bar

Image via Walter Wilson Studios

Caramel apples are a must for the autumn season. You could provide a caramel apple bar at your wedding reception with several kinds of caramel and fixings.

Treats for Your Autumn Wedding: Autumn Wedding Cake

Image vie Elegant Wedding Invites

Of course, you might still want a traditional tiered wedding cake. Even so, you can still decorated it with a little autumn flair.

Treats for Your Autumn Wedding: Apple Cider

Image via Classic Hostess

Don’t forget about drinks! Quench your guests’ thirsts with apple cider.

Autumn Wedding Reception Treats

Image via Kyle Michelle Weddings

Finally, if you can’t decide, you could always just serve all of the above!

What treats will you have for the guests at your autumn wedding?