5 Timeless Ideas for a Doctor Who Bridal Shower

With Doctor Who as popular as it is, there’s a good chance that you or your friend might want to have a Doctor Who bridal shower. After all, the groom could be seen as The Doctor and the bride, his companion.

If you’re thinking of having a Doctor Who-themed shower and need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our 5 favorite ideas.

Doctor Who Bridal Shower: Hello Sweetie Sign

Image via Brickleberry

Why not greet guests with River Song’s signature line to the Doctor: “Hello Sweetie!”

Doctor Who Bridal Shower: TARDIS Table

Image via Offbeat Bride

Don’t forget the TARDIS. Place the Doctor’s time-traveling spaceship on the gift table.

Doctor Who Bridal Shower: Bow Ties

Image via Sustaining the Powers

Need party favors? Why not bow ties or fezzes in celebration of the 11th Doctor?

Doctor Who Bridal Shower: Fish Fingers and Custard

Image via Doodlecraft

When it comes to the food table, be sure to provide fish fingers and custard. Don’t worry–you can use donut sticks instead of real fish fingers.

Doctor Who Bridal Shower: Sonic Screwdrivers

Image via Catch My Party

What Doctor Who bridal shower would be complete without Sonic Screwdrivers? Make edible ones for your guests with pretzel sticks, frosting and sprinkles.

What will you do for your Doctor Who bridal shower?