5 Video Game Wedding Cakes for a Geeky Bride and Groom

Couples tend to bond over shared interests, whether it’s fly fishing or your favorite football team. But what if you like geekier pursuits? We have you covered! Check out our list of our 5 favorite video game wedding cakes that are perfect for a geeky bride and groom.

Video Game Wedding Cakes: Xbox Wedding Cake

Image via Mashable

Did you two bond over Call of Duty or Halo? Perhaps you met while shredding zombies in Left 4 Dead. This coop-themed Xbox cake is great for a two-gamer family.

Video Game Wedding Cakes: Nintendo Wedding Cake

Image via Black Cherry Cake Company

Why not include a nice saying with your cake? This video game cake says, “If it’s just a game, I like the way we play.” Awwww.

Video Game Wedding Cakes: Zelda Cake

Image via Little Cherry Cake Company

Zelda-lovers will love this The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker wedding cake. It’s the right balance of cute and romantic.

Video Game Wedding Cakes: Zelda Cake

Image via Bridal Guide

If you’d prefer a toned-down Legend of Zelda cake, this is the one for you. This is as close to a classic white wedding cake as you’ll get on this list.

Video Game Wedding Cakes: Arcade Cake

Image via Wedding Cakes by Nicole

We can’t forget about retro gamers! This wedding cake features a scene from a different retro arcade game on all four sides.

What’s your favorite of the video game wedding cakes?