5 Wedding Cake Alternatives That Will Have Your Mouth Watering

You’re not that into tradition. The idea of doing a classic white tiered wedding cake turns your stomach. You want something different and special to feed your wedding guests on your big day. Why not try an alternative dessert rather than a traditional wedding cake? Read on for a list of our five favorite wedding cake alternatives.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

What if you want the taste of cake without the traditional tiers? Try cake pops instead! This portable dessert is perfect if you want to keep your guests on the dance floor while dessert is served.

Image courtesy of Proud to Plan

Are you more of a fan of cheesecake than regular cake? No worries: you can serve cheesecake at your wedding. In fact, you could even have individual cheesecakes for each guest like the picture above.

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Macaroons–the colorful kind without coconut–are super popular right now. If you love this sweet treat, you could always serve them at your wedding.

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Some couples bond over donuts rather than cake. If you and your future spouse are more apt to grab a donut for a dessert, why not serve these at your wedding instead? This has been a growing trend in wedding cake alternatives in the last few years.

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Have you ever been in the pie vs. cake debate? Some people prefer pie, others prefer cake. If you’re a pie-lover, choose this dessert instead. You could even feature several kinds of pie for your guests to choose from.

Which wedding cake alternative would you choose?