5 Wedding Cake Topper Trends You’ll Love

When you’re picking out your wedding cake, you aren’t just checking for taste. Besides the flavor, you also need to plan out how it will look–and that includes the top of the cake.

Traditionally, cake toppers tend to represent the bride and groom. This usually means tiny bride and groom statues sat atop the tallest tier. While this is certainly a classic cake topper idea, it’s also a bit old-fashioned. If you want to impress guests with a more unique wedding cake topper, choose one of these popular new trends.

Image courtesy of Emmaline Bride

Rather than human-shaped cake toppers, why not use cute little animals to represent the bride and groom? Whether they’re adorable felt owls like above, or characters from your favorite TV show, these toppers will set yours apart from all other weddings.

Image courtesy of Two Bright Lights

Celebrate your new-found wedded bliss with a Mr. & Mrs. wedding cake topper. You could find a chic metal topper as pictured above, one made of sparkly jewels or you could even make one yourself. Anything is possible!

Image copyright Cristi Owen Photography

Speaking of bejeweled cake toppers, you could always celebrate your new family name with an initial atop your wedding cake.

Image courtesy of The Wedding Specialists

If you’re going for a floral wedding, flowers are a beautiful choice for a cake topper. It’s a lot more chic–especially if you want to shy away from personalized toppers like the previous options on this list.

Starfish Cake Topper from MyWeddingFavors

Having a tropical destination wedding? Then nothing beats this starfish cake topper from MyWeddingFavors. And, after the reception, you can relax on the beach with the rest of your guests.

What will you top your wedding cake with?