6 Decorations for a Holiday Engagement Party

Engaged during the fall? Then a holiday engagement party is in order. This type of event allows you to kill two birds with one stone! And best of all, the decorations provide that warm, romantic feeling that you find with both occassions. Need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place.

1. Fill the Place with Holly and Poinsettia

Holly and poinsettia are the plants of choice when it comes to the holidays. The natural greens and reds will make the party exude Christmas while still staying classy.

Holiday Engagement Party: Holly and Poinsettia

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2. Light the Way with Lanterns

Lanterns add rustic charm to a holiday engagement party. These are especially great if you are having an outdoor party in a warmer climate.

Holiday Engagement Party: Lanterns

3. Sprinkle in Some Cranberries

For pops of color, go with fresh cranberries. These hearty berries are perfect for the season and can be added to nearly any centerpiece.

Holiday Engagement Party: Cranberries

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4. Don’t Forget the Ornaments

With or without a Christmas tree, a holiday party could still use some ornaments. Fill jars and vases of all sizes and place them on tables and counters throughout the event.

Holiday Engagement Party: Ornaments

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5. Use Holiday-Inspired Coasters

The silver glitter of these holiday coasters is almost as sparkly as the snow outside.

Holiday Engagement Party: Coasters

6. Tie Everything Together With Snowflakes

Finally, a few snowflakes are enough to really set the mood. For a fancier engagement party, you could use these snowflake napkin holders with your cloth napkins.

Holiday Engagement Party: Snowflake Napkin Holders