6 Engagement Party Trends for 2017

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Before you start stressing out about the impending wedding, don’t forget to celebrate this amazing event. An engagement party is just the ticket. You can sip champagne and tell the proposal story to all of your best friends and family members.

But rather than a generic party, pick a theme! These engagement party trends are fresh for the new year.

1. Photo Booth Party

Photo booths aren’t new to engagement parties, but they are usually tucked into a corner and forgotten. Instead, make the photo booth the main attraction. Set up different stations with a wide variety of backdrops. Pick up a photo booth props set or provide some funny hats and costumes. With a bit of wine and spirited music, your guests will loosen up and spend the night taking some hilarious and memorable pictures.

Engagement Party Trends: Photo Booth

2. Wine Tasting

If you hate the stress of hosting a party, leave it to the experts. Bring your party to a local winery where your guests can taste a variety of wines. Or if you want to do this at home, you could always provide some collectible wine glasses for your guests to take home. Just remember: Variety is the name of the game when it comes to wine tasting selection.

Engagement Party Trends: Wine Tasting

3. Barbecue Bash

Fire up the grill and take your engagement party outside! A barbecue bash is perfect for a summer engagement party. Provide a variety of meats as well as vegetarian options. You could even turn this into a potluck so guests bring a ton of different sides and desserts. Don’t forget the grilling set!

Engagement Party Trends: Barbecue Bash

4. Travel-Lovers Shindig

While some couples stick to the comfort of home, others are travel-hungry. If you’re the couple who’s always jet-setting to far-off locations, why not have a travel-themed party? Provide foods from all your favorite places and use globes and maps as decorations. You could even give travel-themed party favors.

Engagement Party Trends: Travel-Lovers

5. Glamping Trip

It’s time to turn your backyard into a glamping oasis. Perfect for nighttime outdoor parties, a glamping theme works whether you stay local or move it to an actual campground. Unlike hunkering in the dirt like a true camping trip, class it up with fancy colorful floor pillows and a hefty amount of champagne. Remember, no glamping trip is complete without the s’mores!

Engagement Party Trends: Glamping Trip

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6. Black-Tie Brunch

When you want to get fancy, go for a black-tie brunch. In your invitations, make it clear this is a formal affair. Cover the dining tables with intricate linens and ornate tea cup and saucer sets. Cute tea lights dotting the tables will add some extra lighting if you’re having brunch in a dim area. Now this party is going have some great pictures!

Engagement Party Trends: Black-Tie Brunch