6 Gifts for the Wine-Loving Couple

Are you stumped when it comes to a wedding gift? While it’s smart to stick to the registry, sometimes you get the list too late and everything has already been purchased. Or maybe the couple isn’t asking guests to stick to the registry. While it would seem easier to come up with something without the help, you may end up unsure what to get them.

Luckily, if they’re a wine-loving couple there are a bunch of fun gifts they’ll love. These wine gifts cover all aspects of life as a wine connoisseur, short of buying them a trip to a vineyard.

1. Reusable Wine Bag

Of course you can get them a nice bottle of wine. How about giving it to them in this reusable wine bag? It’s made of 100% jute and has “Mr. & Mrs.” emblazoned along the side. They can use it to carry the wine next time they go on a romantic picnic.

Wine Gifts: Wine Bag

2. Cheers Corkscrew

You can never have enough corkscrews. After all, as soon as you need one, you can never find it. Give the couple a new corkscrew to keep on hand as a spare. This one has an antique gold “Cheers” as the handle.

Wine Gifts: Cheers Corkscrew

3. Adventure Bottle Stopper

Does the couple love to travel? Perhaps they visit all of their favorite vineyards and wineries on an epic round-the-world adventure. Combine their two passions with this antique gold bottle stopper with an airplane on top.

Wine Gifts: Bottle Stopper

4. Bride and Groom Stemless Wine Glasses

They may have a set of wine glasses, but do they have any to commemorate their wedding? Well, now they do with these stemless wine glasses. The set of two has “Bride” on one glass and “Groom” on the other. You can also get a set that says “Mr.” and “Mrs.” instead if that’s more their speed.

Wine Gifts: Wine Glasses

5. Nautical Cork Coasters

The wine-loving couple also needs a place to set down their glasses. These nautical-themed coasters are made of cork for extra moisture-wicking action. Plus, you can personalize them with the couple’s initials. This is a good set of 12 coasters you could throw in with an entire wine-themed gift basket.

Wine Gifts: Coasters

6. Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

A true wine-loving couple will probably have chilled storage for most of their wine, but if they have bottles they love to display, this rustic? wood rack is a must. It’s made of fir wood and can be personalized. It even has slats to hang wine glasses.

Wine Gifts: Wine Rack