6 Great Chair Signs for Every Type of Wedding

Most of us have been to at least one wedding where guests have mistaken the bridal party table for their own table. No, Aunt Martha, that is not your seat.

There are a few things you can do to dress up the bridal party table to make it stand out from the rest of the reception. Dress it up with twice the flowery centerpieces, set it aside from all the other tables, or use reception chair signs. The best part about chair signs is everyone knows where to go to see the bride and groom and give them some much-appreciated well-wishes.

Luckily, there are chair signs for nearly any type of wedding, from traditional to tropical. We’ve gathered up some of the best.

1. Tropical Chic Chair Signs

Whether you’re having that dream destination wedding or bringing the tropics to your own hometown, that fresh theme can extend all the way to your chair signs. These Bride and Groom signs feature a tropical color scheme and bright illustrated palm fronds and flowers. Are you going for a turquoise or coral wedding color? Then these chair backers are just what you need!

Reception Chair Signs: Tropicals

2. Gold Glitter Chair Signs

Want to throw the party of the year? Whether the reception has a cocktail party theme or is even being held on New Year’s Eve, these sparkly gold glitter --chair signs are where it’s at. The gold works with so many other colors and shows off the glamour of the bride and groom.

Reception Chair Signs: Gold Glitter

3. Happily Ever After Chair Signs

Maybe you think of your love as a fairy tale. Or perhaps you don’t like the gendered labels of “Bride” and “Groom.” In that case, these Happily Ever After chair signs fit right in. They have a brown background that goes well with a rustic, country chic or woodlands-inspired wedding reception.

Reception Chair Signs: Happily Ever After

4. Mr. and Mrs. Mirrored Chair Signs

Looking for something a bit more classic? You can have super chic chair signs without all the bells and whistles. These silver chair signs are simple and elegant with mirrors for a bit of shine.

Reception Chair Signs: Silver Mirror

5. Mr. and Mrs. Silver Shimmer Chair Signs

Like the look of the mirror signs without all the shine? This classic chair sign set also comes in a matte version! They have the same font as the others but aren’t are slightly more subdued. They’ll look elegant with your fabric chair decorations.

Reception Chair Signs: Silver

6. Bridal Party Chair Signs

Don’t forget about the other members of the bridal party! There are also reception chair signs for the maid of honor and best man as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Now all your VIPs are covered.

Reception Chair Signs: Bridal Party