6 Ideas for an Iridescent Wedding

Your whole life you were told that your wedding would be magical. Now that the special day is on the horizon, why not embrace the magic? Rather than choosing a traditional color scheme, pick something memorable and beautiful. That’s right: We’re talking about an iridescent wedding. Iridescence is a color-shifting shimmer, often shifting from pink to purple to blue, all with pale, subtle elegance. Think pearls, opals and color-shifting seashells.

Need some iridescent inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

1. Iridescent Invites

Start off your wedding with a bang with sparking iridescent wedding invitations! Your guests will be eagerly awaiting your special day to see how it all ties together. Make sure your paper story continues throughout your event with iridescent menus.

Iridescent Wedding Invitations | 6 Ideas for an Iridescent Wedding | My Wedding FavorsOh So Beautiful Paper

2. Pretty Pastels

The best part about iridescent decor is that it pairs with pastels so well! Take your holographic plates and table cloth and match them with a bouquet of pastel colored flowers. Your reception will look like a magical wonderland in no time!

Holographic Reception Table | 6 Ideas for an Iridescent Wedding | My Wedding Favors100 Layer Cake

3. Holographic Wedding Dress

Now, if you’re looking for a bold and beautiful look on your wedding day, look no further than an iridescent wedding dress! The shimmering material will wow your guests and create a memorable look for you remember for years to come.

Iridescent Wedding Dresses | 6 Ideas for an Iridescent Wedding | My Wedding Favorsteutamatoshiduriqi / Instagram

4. Iridescent Wedding Cake

Continue that wow factor all the way to the food with an iridescent wedding cake. The shimmer and sparkles will make your guest hesitant to eat it because of how gorgeous it is. Don’t worry though, their love of sweets will win out in the end!

Iridescent Wedding Cake | 6 Ideas for an Iridescent Wedding | My Wedding FavorsUtah Bride and Groom Magazine

5. Floral Centerpieces

You can’t forget the flowers. While there really aren’t any natural, real flowers with iridescent petals, you can mimic the theme by choosing the pale pinks, purples and blues you’d find in iridescent items. Stick a few iridescent baubles in the bouquets and dot these floral wonders at the center of every wedding reception table. Even better, use the idea for your wedding bouquet!

Iridescent Bridal Bouquet | 6 Ideas for an Iridescent Wedding | My Wedding FavorsChelsea LaVere

6. Iridescent Vase

Of course, you need something to hold those beautiful flowers. If you can’t find store-bought iridescent vases, you can make them yourself. Get your bridesmaids together and follow this holographic vase DIY.

Iridescent Vase DIY | 6 Ideas for an Iridescent Wedding | My Wedding FavorsA Beautiful Mess