Nothing is worse than heading home from a wedding with a handful of pastel Jordan almonds you’ll never eat. They’re beautiful, but after all the food you ate at the wedding you might end up just tossing them.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. Every year, useful wedding favors get more and more popular. From fun kitchen items to tasty treats, these wedding favors will make your guests clamor to take them home.

1. Drinking Jars

These cute drinking jars not only have useful handles, but they also have a simple anchor design emblazoned on the front. Perfect for a nautical or beach-inspired wedding, your guests will love taking these home. Best of all, they’re useful for drinks during the wedding reception as well.

Useful Wedding Favors: Drinking Jars

2. Jars of Honey

Useful and cute, these little jars of honey can become a staple in your guests pantries while the goody lasts. Spread over toast or dripped into tea, they’ll come in handy to the last drop. The personalized label gives a little memory of your nuptials every time the honey is used.

Useful Wedding Favors: Honey

3. Bottle Stoppers

Have you bonded with friends and family over shared bottles of wine? Then why not hand out personalized? bottle stoppers to your guests! This tool is a must for every home liquor cabinet. And the sunflower design is perfect for a bright, summer wedding!

Useful Wedding Favors: Bottle Stoppers

4. Bottle Openers

Speaking of drinks, perhaps your guests are better suited to craft beers than aged bottles of Cabernet. In that case, a bottle opener is the better choice. These have a pretty glittery gold handle and heart-shaped design. The chic look makes it fit with most decor.

Useful Wedding Favors: Bottle Openers

5. Cheese Board and Spreader

While you might see bottle openers and drinking jars at other weddings, you likely won’t see this great wedding favor. Cheese boards and spreaders are useful items that guests can take out whenever they have company. They may even serve you some fancy cheese next time you go to their house for a dinner party!

Useful Wedding Favors: Cheese Board

6. Measuring Spoons

Couples bond over different shared activities. Some like camping or going hiking through the wilderness while others prefer playing billiards at a local bar. When picking wedding favors, it’s extra special to choose something that fits you and your fiancé. And these heart-shaped measuring spoons are great for couples who love to cook and bake together. Plus, your guests will definitely find a use for them in the kitchen.

Useful Wedding Favors: Measuring Spoons