6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Maid of Honor

It finally happened. You’re engaged! Soon, you’ll be picking a date, trying on dresses, and tasting wedding cakes. Before you go through most of your wedding planning, you have one important decision to make: choosing a maid of honor.

Choosing a Maid of HonorAngelaHawkey / iStockPhoto

Not only will your maid of honor be in charge of your bridal shower, she’ll be there to calm you down when you get too stressed and will take point if your mother-in-law needs a talking-to. It’s a big decision, so we’re here to help you make it!

Don’t Let Emotion Make You Choose Too Soon

Getting engaged is super exciting, but that surge of happy adrenaline might make you say something you regret later. Wait to tell your maid of honor until you’ve actually put some thought into the decision.

Forget About Obligations

In the past, impending brides had to worry about the etiquette of choosing a maid of honor. They had to stick with family or return the favor if they were a maid of honor themselves. These days you can throw that etiquette aside. Choose someone you like and not just because you feel obligated.

Think of Your Favorite People

Who will you be happy to see ten or twenty years from now? Those are the girls you want in your wedding party. If you have a best friend, she should be near the top of your list for maid of honor.

Choose Someone Who Wants It

What if your best friend is a new mom who has no time for wedding planning? As much as you’d like her to be maid of honor, she isn’t the right choice for now. Pick someone who would be thrilled to be your maid of honor and would give it their all.

Give the Responsibility to Someone Responsible

As close as you and your sister are, she may not be the right choice. Picking someone who’s always late, bad at planning, or doesn’t support your marriage will just be a disaster from the start no matter how close you are.

Don’t Feel Tied to Tradition

Some girls have best friends who are guys. That’s totally okay! Your maid of honor doesn’t have to be a girl. Pick your best guy friend and call him your “man of honor” or “best man.” After all, you want to choose someone who is important to you, and not just because she’s a girl.