6 Tips for a Barbecue for Your Summer Wedding Reception

Nothing says “summer” like a good barbecue. Although there are classic meals to go with a summer wedding, like the traditional chicken or fish options, you might be considering a barbecue for your reception meal.

Image courtesy of Eco-Beauty Weddings

Whether you’re having a casual wedding in your backyard or a more formal affair at a pavilion in the park, barbecue-style food can set the right tone for your summer wedding.

  1. Save money on a smaller wedding reception. If you’re having an intimite wedding reception and want to save money, recruit a few friends or family members to cook the barbecue for you. This will save money on a caterer.
  2. Get a bigger wedding catered. Some things you just don’t want to worry about yourself. For your reception, hire a local barbecue restaurant to cater the affair. You’ll get restaurant-quality dishes and a wider variety of meats and sides.
  3. Provide vegetarian options. Not everyone likes meat. Make sure you have food your vegetarian guests can eat, like potato salad, corn on the cob or baked beans.
  4. Keep a bottle of barbecue sauce on each table. After all, some people like more sauce than others.
  5. Set out moist towelettes as part of the table centerpieces. Barbecue is a messy business, especially since some of the food is eaten with the hands. Moist towelettes will help a lot, especially if your reception is at a park without easy access to sinks.
  6. Provide bibs. Although bibs can look silly when worn by an adult, some of your guests will appreciate this option. Who wants to get barbecue sauce on their nice dress? No one.

Because you’re picking a meal option that is less traditional for a wedding, your reception will be memorable (not to mention super yummy) for your guests.