6 Unique Wedding Bouquets

Roses, baby’s breath and lilies of the valley. If you’ve been to a wedding, you’ve likely seen these classic flowers dotting every table and filling the bride’s wedding bouquet. Their pretty colors and multi-season availability make them favorites. But what if you want something a little different? Something that will make your bouquet stand out from the crowd?

Unique wedding bouquets use items other than–or in addition to–traditional roses. Paper, wood, metal or unconventional plants are all there for the taking. Can’t picture it? You’ve come to the right place for some serious bouquet inspiration.

1. Succulent Wedding Bouquet

Succulents are the next big thing when it comes to plants. Succulents are plants that hold moisture so they rarely need to be watered. Think aloe, jade and viper’s bowstring, to name a few. In addition to the bouquet, fill vases with succulents and leave them on the reception tables. Best of all, you can plant them in some sandy soil after the wedding and have a long lasting, easy-to-care-for plant.

Succulent Bouquet | 6 Unique Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsFirst Comes Love Photo

2. Book Page Wedding Bouquet

Is the bride a book-lover? Make paper flowers using pages from vintage books. This is a great DIY project and you can even find books at thrift stores to make this wedding bouquet budget-friendly. Make extras so the flower girl can scatter them in the aisle during the ceremony, too.

Book Paper Bouquet | 6 Unique Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsLia Griffith

3. Feather Wedding Bouquet

Speaking of vintage, a feather wedding bouquet is great for a vintage or Great Gatsby wedding. Pick cream-colored flowers for that retro feel. Use antique silver brooches for accents. This makes a great keepsake once the wedding is over since you don’t have to worry about wilting flowers.

Feather Bouquet | 6 Unique Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsMichael Will

4. Felt Flower Wedding Bouquet

Just because you aren’t using real flowers doesn’t mean your bouquet has to look like something else. For instance, these felt flowers look close to the real thing. Make the bouquet weeks before the wedding so you don’t have to stress about the florist on the big day.

Felt Flower Bouquet | 6 Unique Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsSomething Turquoise

5. Branches Wedding Bouquet

Having a rustic wedding? Perhaps you’re getting married outside under the boughs of a big oak tree. The perfect unique wedding bouquet is one made out of nature. This one uses branches loaded with leaves. While it’s a bit more unwieldly than a traditional bouquet, it’s much cooler.

Branch Bouquet | 6 Unique Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsDomino

6. Steampunk Wedding Bouquet

Love steampunk? Then your perfect bouquet will be filled with cogs, black ribbon and metal flowers.

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