6 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Glassware Favors

As you plan your wedding reception, you might be thinking about skipping wedding favors. Your guests will need glassware to drink out of, so why not get personalized glassware they can keep as a wedding favor? Luckily, there are many types of glassware that fit with every type of wedding.

1. Stemless Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are perfect for classy nighttime weddings. Plus, there’s less chance for accidental spills with stemless wine glasses.

Glassware Wedding Favors: Stemless Wine Glasses

2. Champagne Flutes

Champagne is the prime choice for celebrations and wedding toasts. Hand out these personalized champagne flutes to get the party started.

Glassware Wedding Favors: Champagne Flutes

3. Pint Glasses

Did the bride and groom meet in a bar? Then pint glasses should be a staple at the wedding reception. They can hold beer, but are also perfect for the younger, soda-sipping guests.

Glassware Wedding Favors: Pint Glasses

4. Shot Glasses

More of a fan of shots than glasses of wine? You can give these out, too. Tall shot glasses will come in handy when the wedding reception really gets going.

Glassware Wedding Favors: Shot Glasses

5. Beer Can Glasses

If you want to get a little more unconventional, hand out beer can glasses. They have the exact same shape as a can of beer, but they’re made of glass!

Glassware Wedding Favors: Beer Can Glasses

6. Mason Jar Mugs

Mason jar mugs are a great alternative if you’re having an outdoor wedding or you want to give personalized glassware that isn’t automatically tied to alcohol. These mugs can be used for water, cider, or hot cocoa–plus they’re super trendy.

Glassware Wedding Favors: Mason Jar Mugs