6 Wedding Cake Trends That Still Rock

Some wedding cake trends sure do stand the test of time. While others, like “paint-splattered” artistic pieces or excessive inedible flowers, should be left behind. Whether you’re going for the convenience of cupcakes or the personality you’d get from a quirky cake-topper these trends still rock.

1. Cupcakes Galore

While cupcakes aren’t as trendy as they were a decade ago, they’re still a smart choice for a wedding. If your reception is outside or features tall tables and a cocktail hour atmosphere, this handheld confection is easier for your guests to hold as they mingle and dance. Plus, you can always get a one-tier cake made especially for the ceremonial cutting of the cake if you don’t want to miss that milestone. Pick up some cupcake wrappers to make them look extra special.

Wedding Cake Trends: Cupcakes

2. Buttercream Frosting

Don’t feel pressured to go with fondant as your cake-covering. While fondant has been the design of choice for years, most people can agree that it just doesn’t taste very good. That’s why buttercream wedding cakes are making a comeback. Not only does the cake taste so much better, but a skilled baker can come up with some intricate, chic designs.

Wedding Cake Trends: Buttercream

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3. Naked Cakes

Naked cakes were making the rounds on lists of wedding cake trends a few years ago, but new brides haven’t forgotten about them. This design, with its scraped exterior, has the perfect mix of rustic charm and chic subtly. Best of all, it’s a favorite for those who prefer less frosting with their desserts.

Wedding Cake Trends: Naked

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4. Handheld Cake Pops

Another favorite for active, dance-heavy wedding receptions is the cake pop. Even easier to hold and eat than a cupcake, these desserts are photograph-friendly and a trend loved by guests of all ages. You could even get them designed to look just like traditional wedding cakes. Yum!

Wedding Cake Trends: Cake Pops

5. Unique Cake-Toppers

That traditional cake topper of a dapper groom and blushing bride figurine has fallen by the wayside in recent decades. Now, couples are more inclined to show off their unique personalities instead. Initials, seashells or words of love are all unique cake toppers that have gained favor over the years. Remember: This event is about the couple getting married. You might as well top that cake with something you both will love.

Wedding Cake Trends: Cake Toppers

6. Pearl-Encrusted Wonders

Traditional white wedding cakes are made extra special with a splash of edible pearls. This cake trend is for those who like a classic look but still want something posh and sophisticated. Plus, the all-white theme is making a comeback.

Wedding Cake Trends: Pearls

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