7 Fall Wedding Bouquets

A fall wedding features all your favorite things about autumn, including the colors like fallen leaves and the crisp, fragrant air.

These fall wedding bouquets feature all of your in-season favorites and they fit right in with your wedding’s theme.

1. Traditional Fall Colors

Oranges, reds, browns, and yellows are all perfect colors for a fall wedding. Why not add them all to your bouquet? Ask your florist to pick flowers that mimic the colors of changing leaves and you should end up with something beautiful.

Fall Colors Bouquet | 7 Fall Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsLindsay Docherty Photography

2. Burgundy Bouquet

If you’re picking just one color for autumn, burgundy fall wedding bouquets have that richness of color that stands out amidst the changing season. For special pops of color, use pale green eucalyptus or peach-colored roses. While you’re sitting at the main table at the reception, keep your flowers fresh by placing them in a pretty glass vase.

Burgundy Bouquet | 7 Fall Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsMike and Emma Bowering

3. Fallen Autumn Leaves

Feature rustic accents of the outdoors by using real or faux fallen leaves in your bouquet. You can either use fallen leaves exclusively, like in the bouquet below, or use them as accents in an otherwise flowery bouquet.

Fall Leaves Bouquet | 7 Fall Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsAli Does It Herself

4. Cascading Calla Lilies

A popular seasonal flower for fall wedding bouquets is the beautiful calla lily. Whether you’re using them as accents or having a lily-dominant flower profile, these favorites come in a variety of shades to fit your autumn wedding’s color scheme.

Calla Lillies Bouquet | 7 Fall Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsTony Gameiro

5. Mums Galore

Mums come alive in late summer and fall, making these a colorful bouquet choice for weddings. The large, tight buds take up a lot of real estate in a bouquet so they make good space-fillers. Best of all, chrysanthemums come in a wide variety of colors.

Mums Bouquet | 7 Fall Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsMark’s Garden

6. Bright and Colorful Celosia

Much like mums, celosia are a colorful choice when you want your fall wedding bouquet to feature just one flower. They’re big, bright, and saturated with color. If your wedding is mostly white, a bouquet like this could add a memorable pop of color in all your wedding photos.

Celosia Bouquet | 7 Fall Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsPearl Events Austin

7. Delicate Dahlia

Of course, dahlia is one of the most popular fall flowers. They create a soft, romantic floral element to a wedding bouquet that some of the other flowers on this list just can’t provide.

Dahlia Bouquet | 7 Fall Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsJudy Pak