7 Killer Engagement Gifts

When it comes to engagement parties, the etiquette isn’t as strict for gifts. In most cases, engagement gifts are optional–especially if the event is casual. Then there are the engagement parties with official invitations or formal attire. If you’re not sure if you should bring a gift, err on the side of caution. Show up with something personal, fun or celebratory.

Need ideas for killer engagement gifts? We’ve got you covered!

1. A Cheese Board

Does the couple like entertaining? Maybe they’re known for their dinner parties. A cheese board will give them something to break out every time they have company. This one even comes with a spreader set.

2. Wine Set

Wine is the go-to host gift when you’re heading to a party. Make this one special by giving a fun corkscrew to go with your celebratory bottle of wine. This way, they still have something to keep after the engagement party is over.

Engagement Gifts: Wine Set

3. A Wedding Planner

Odds are the couple is holding this party right at the start of their engagement. In that case, they probably haven’t picked up a wedding planner binder yet. This book will help the bride and groom plan their big day in the months leading up to the event. It is an invaluable gift–and it’s all thanks to you.

Engagement Party: Wedding Planner

4. Luggage Tags

There’s always that couple that loves travel. They seem to be jet-setting around the world every chance they get. If that’s the bride and groom, get them something that goes along with their passion. His and Hers luggage tags are personal and thoughtful. You could even get them a guidebook for their next adventure.

Engagement Gifts: Luggage Tag

5. An Engagement Photo Session

Do you have an in with a professional photographer? Then gift the couple with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Engagement photos capture the joy and excitement of this meaningful event. Wondering how to package this kind of gift? Wrap a cool frame along with the gift certificate to a local photographer.

Engagement Gifts: Engagement Photos

6. Cream and Sugar Serving Set

Has the couple bonded over coffee or tea? Then get them a cream and sugar serving set. This is also good for couples who love to host brunches. Either way, now they have a classy way to make their coffee and tea just how they like it.

Engagement Gifts: Cream and Sugar

7. Beer Flight Sampler

While some couples bond over coffee, others are all about those craft beers. Perhaps they even met at a local brewery. A beer flight set is the perfect engagement gift. This one comes with the paddle and mini pilsner glasses. You can even personalize the handle. Then get them a case of a variety of local beers.

Engagement Gifts: Beer Flight