7 Outdoor Bridal Shower Treats

It’s time to celebrate the impending wedding. Whether you’re planning your own bridal shower or you’re a part of the bridesmaid crew and need ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re hosting an outdoor bridal shower, tailor the treats to the event. Skip foods that guests will need both hands and a table to eat, like soups and salads. One-handed foods are the best. Even better, pick treats that embrace the outdoor theme, whether it’s a nod to the beach or the camping trips that the bride and groom love.

1. French Macarons

You want a sweet treat that’s classy and handheld. That’s where the French macaron sandwich cookie comes in. You can even get them monogrammed with the bride’s initials color-coded to match the bridal shower.

French Macarons | 7 Outdoor Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors

2. Oyster Pearl Cookies

How about an outdoor theme to the traditional sandwich cookie? If you’re celebrating on the beach, try these oyster pearl cookies. Use vanilla wafers, buttercream frosting and edible pearl-shaped candies to create an easy pearl-filled oyster.

Oyster Cookies | 7 Outdoor Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding FavorsLiving Well Spending Less

3. Chocolate Seashells

If you’re looking for a beach-themed treat that party-goers can take home with them, try these starfish and shell chocolate wedding favors. Choose from dark, milk or white chocolate–or all of the above!

Chocolate Seashells | 7 Outdoor Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors

4. DIY S’more Stations

What do you think of when you imagine an outdoor dessert? S’mores, of course! Create little DIY s’more stations so guests can make them themselves. After all, everyone has a different idea of the perfect toasted marshmallow.

S'More Station | 7 Outdoor Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding FavorsElisabeth McKnight

5. Campfire Cupcakes

With a bit of creative decorating, you can turn a regular chocolate cupcake into a campfire cupcake. The orange and red frosting looks just like fire! This is perfect for an outdoor barbecue or camping-themed bridal shower.

Campfire Cupcakes | 7 Outdoor Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding FavorsSunshine Shabby

6. Wedding Cake Pops

Cake pops are a handheld dessert trend that has become a bridal shower staple in recent years. They make it easy to enjoy the outdoors without a messy dessert getting in the way. These cake pops are shaped like little wedding cakes.

Cake Pops | 7 Outdoor Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors

7. Mimosa Bar

Some bridal shower treats are of the alcoholic variety. Create a mimosa bar that features a wide array of fruit juices and chunks of fruit. Keep the champagne chilling off to the side so guests can create their own yummy concoctions.

Mimosa Bar | 7 Outdoor Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding FavorsJ Wiley Photography