7 Perfect Table Numbers for Every Type of Wedding

Assigning seats at your wedding? Make it easier by marking each reception table with numbers. Did you know that your table numbers can be just as unique as your wedding? Mark your tables in your own special style.

1. Gold Glitter Table Numbers

Whether you’re having a New Year’s Eve wedding or general party theme, gold glitter numbers are sure to set the mood.

Table Numbers: Gold Glitter Numbers

2. Gold Calligraphy Table Numbers

There’s an air of elegance that comes with fancy calligraphy. If you opted for calligraphy on your invitations, you might want to carry that look through to your wedding reception with these gold numbers.

Table Numbers: Gold Calligraphy

3. Wine Label Table Numbers

Having a vineyard wedding? Set out a bottle of wine at each table with these numbered wine labels.This way you’ve taken care of both the numbers and the beverages.

Table Numbers: Wine Labels

4. Starry Night Table Numbers

A night wedding could feature these starry gold and blue numbers. They’d even look great for a winter or nautical wedding!

Table Numbers: Starry Night

5. Vintage Map Table Numbers

Are you a world traveler? These vintage map numbers show off your globetrotting side. Hang them from floral centerpieces so everyone knows which table is theirs.

Table Numbers: Maps

6. Classic Gold Table Numbers

Sometimes you want something classic and traditional. These gold numbers are simple enough to fit just about any wedding theme.

Table Numbers: Classic Gold

7. Moss-Covered Table Numbers

Garden weddings can never have enough nature-themed decorations. Tie in some greenery with these moss-covered numbers. Yes, this is real moss!

Table Numbers: Moss