7 Summer Bridal Shower Treats

The sun is shining, fragrant flowers are scenting your backyard, and you’re yearning for time outdoors. There’s a reason why summer is such a popular time for a bridal shower. Not only do your guests love the sunny season, but the food is often the best around. We’re talking bite-sized snacks and cooling drinks heavy in fruit and herbs. If you’re hosting a summer bridal shower, these tasty treats will get you excited for the big day!

1. Caprese Bites

Summer snacks are best when they’re light and refreshing. A smart option for a refreshing savory treat are these caprese bites. They’re all the best of a caprese salad–tomato, basil, and fresh mozerella–without worrying about plates and forks.

Caprese Bites | Summer Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors


2. Rosemary Goat Cheese Scones

Pairing the savoriness of rosemary with the sharp flavor of goat cheese, these rustic goat cheese scones are sure to be a hit. They’re stiff enough that guests can mingle while keeping a scone in one hand. After all, when it comes to summer bridal shower foods, handheld is always best.

Rosemary Goat Cheese Scones | Summer Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors

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3. Yogurt Parfaits

How cute are these yogurt parfaits? Fill small plastic cups with layers of granola, flavored yogurt, and fresh fruit. Place a tiny spoon in each cup so guests don’t have to look around for utensils. A parfait tip: choose fruits that are in season.

Yogurt Parfaits | Summer Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors

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4. Strawberry Shortcake Jars

Strawberry shortcake is the dessert of choice when it comes to summer. Shortcake is light and airy, pairing well with in-season strawberries and fresh whipped cream. Rather than making a full-sized cake, add each element to small mason jars and hand these out to hungry guests.

Strawberry Shortcake Jars | Summer Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors

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5. S’more Pops

Of course, you can’t think about hot summer nights without conjuring images of sitting around a campfire with a golden brown marshmallow on a stick. Even if you’re skipping the campfire, that doesn’t mean your summer bridal shower can’t have s’mores. Serve bite-size s’more pops with a chocolate-dipped marshmallow rolled in a bit of crushed graham cracker.

Summer Bridal Shower: S'more Pops

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6. Elderflower Popsicles

Cool your guests down with the perfect icy treat. These elderflower popsicles feature elderflower cordial and pretty edible flowers. Pick up some popsicle molds, and you can come up with all sorts of fun combinations. Plus, the presentation of these popsicles is gorgeous!

Summer Bridal Shower Treats: Elderflower Popsicles

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7. Mimosa Bar

Let guests create their own concoctions with a mimosa bar. Provide several types of champagne and fruit juices along with fresh fruits to add to each glass. This mimosa bar decoration kit fully embraces that floral summer aesthetic.

Mimosa Bar | Summer Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors

Hand out these champagne flutes at the mimosa bar. Get them personalized with details about the shower and a fun design, like a heart or “Best Day Ever” design. Guests can take them home as a sweet party favor memento.

Champagne Flutes | Summer Bridal Shower Treats | My Wedding Favors