7 Summer Wedding Bouquets

Summer is a season full of bright colors, fun festivities, and bold combinations. Let your wedding bouquets have the same feel to them!

As you think about the flowers you will be holding as you walk down the aisle, keep the season in mind. Pick flowers that are in-season and go well with the theme of your wedding. If you’re stumped, we’ve wrangled some of our favorites, both for classic summer wedding bouquets and for creations that are as unique as you are.

1. Hydrangea Summer Flowers

If you’re looking for something classic and refined, go for hydrangea. They’re soft and pretty in both texture and color. The large flowers do well to fill out this beautiful bouquet.

Hydrangea | 7 Summer Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsDeborah Zoe Photography

2. Iris Wedding Bouquet

For a blast of saturated color, carry a bouquet of lilies down the aisle. They come in a wide variety of colors and are some of the brightest shades when it comes to summer flowers. If you’ve got a bold color palette for your wedding, this is a great way to match colors.

Lilies | 7 Summer Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsRed Sparrow Photography

3. Summer Daisies

Daisies are the go-to summer flower. While you could certainly mix other flowers into the bunch, check out this daisy-only wedding bouquet. If you’re a huge daisy-fan, don’t be afraid to go pure with your flower choices.

Daisies | 7 Summer Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsStumph Natalia

4. Dried Wildflowers

Want a summer flower that’s a little less common and a bit more interesting? Reach for a bouquet of wildflowers. The mix of colors and textures add something interesting to your bridal look. Dried wildflowers are a nice alternative to fresh flowers and will last the whole night.

Wildflowers | 7 Summer Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsDelaney Dobson Photography

5. Succulent Bouquet

Just because you have a bouquet doesn’t mean you have to be surrounded by flowers. For the plant-obsessed, go for succulents instead. These hearty plants will love the summer heat and you can take them home and care for them after the festivities are over.

Succulents | 7 Summer Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsAlison Conklin Photography

6. Nautical Summer Bouquet

The nautical wedding theme is perfect for summer. If you’re saying “I Do” on a yacht, partying on the beach, or just embracing your love of the ocean, we have good news. You can make your flowers match the theme. A nautical summer wedding bouquet will have flowers featuring the classic navy and white theme with splashes of red or pink.

Nautical Bouquet | 7 Summer Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsBride In Bloom Weddings

7. Rose Gold Bouquet

Rose gold weddings are popular for a reason. The soft pinks and subtle gold accents add simple elegance. Add that element to your wedding bouquet with pink roses and gold painted accouterments.

Rose Gold | 7 Summer Wedding Bouquets | My Wedding FavorsSean Cook Weddings