7 Trendy Wedding Appetizers

Let’s taco ‘bout trendy wedding appetizers! Cocktail hour is such a standout event at every wedding. After the formal wedding ceremony, this is the time all of your guests finally have a chance to mingle and socialize. It allows the bride and groom to both introduce the theme of the reception and to set the tone for the rest of the evening. From fancy ceviche bars to budget-friendly popcorn stations, these trendy wedding appetizers are sure to leave your guests talking. Move over photo booths, these food walls are taking over and are totally Instagramable.

1. Taco Wall

How chic and eye-catching is this appetizer food wall? The hot pink blooms give such a fresh pop of color. Food walls are on-trend right now, and the best part is, you can serve any type of cuisine on them. Just add some floral elements, and they’ll elevate any simple wall.

Taco Bar | 7 Trendy Wedding Appetizers | My Wedding Favors

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2. Ceviche Bar

Another trendy way of serving wedding appetizers is to set up food bars, like this ceviche bar. Or, you can hire a catering company to serve fresh ceviche while your guests sip on cocktails. This type of upscale food bar is sure to leave its mark on your big day! You can even mix the ceviche plates with other seafood dishes to create an assortment of appetizers for guests to enjoy.

Ceviche Bar | 7 Trendy Wedding Appetizers | My Wedding Favors

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3. Cheese + Charcuterie Station

A huge trend appetizer trend for 2019 is a cheese and charcuterie station. Filled with fruit, nuts, different meats and cheese, this station is a guaranteed crowd pleaser as it is sure to have a little something for every palette. Not to mention, the colorful presentation sets a vibrant tone throughout the night.

Cheese and Charcuterie Platter | 7 Trendy Wedding Appetizers | My Wedding Favors

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4. Pretzel Bar

Are these pretzels making you hungry? We know our Seinfeld cast would love these pretzels, but so would your wedding guests. What we personally love about this pretzel bar is how it can easily be a DIY project for a budget-friendly wedding.

Pretzel Bar | 7 Trendy Wedding Appetizers | My Wedding Favors

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5. Salty Snack Station

Another wonderful wedding appetizer is serving an array of salty snacks. This appetizer is perfect for outdoor weddings. You won’t have to worry about food temperature or transporting timings. Luckily, there isn’t much prep time. Just prefill your salty snacks in classy jars or fun containers that match your wedding motif, and you’re ready to go.

Salty Snacks | 7 Trendy Wedding Appetizers | My Wedding Favors


6. Bacon Wall

Your eyes are not deceiving you. This is indeed a bacon wall and yes, your guests will be obsessed. Your wedding appetizer will not go “bacon” any hearts with its walls of bacon bites, balls, and poppers. Who knew bacon could look this classy?

Bacon Wall | 7 Trendy Wedding Appetizers | My Wedding Favors

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7. Popcorn Bar

Your guests will be popping with delight once they get their hands on this trendy popcorn bar. It’s another appetizer that can be DIY and is not temperature controlled. You can serve your guests popcorn at an outdoor wedding or even have a gourmet popcorn bar at an indoor evening reception. It’s a versatile trendy wedding appetizer that is sure to cater to all guests; kids and adults.

Popcorn Bar | 7 Trendy Wedding Appetizers | My Wedding Favors

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