8 Boozy Birthday Party Favors

It’s time to celebrate your birthday in style! Gone are the days of bounce castles and bright pink birthday cakes. You’re old enough to have a sophisticated, adult birthday party, and you know what that means: alcohol. Embrace your adult birthday theme by throwing a boozy birthday party.

Whether you’re spending the event out on the town for a memorable pub crawl or in the comfort of your home surrounded by chilled bottles of champagne, there are always little gifts that guests will love. They’re unique, useful and tie into the theme of your epic boozy birthday.

1. Personalized Bottles of Wine

This is a boozy birthday party, right? Then, get the night started with bottles of wine for every guest. You can even personalize them with these labels. Choose from two chic birthday designs and make them special with up to three lines of text.

Personalized Bottle Tag | Boozy Birthday Party Favors | My Wedding Favors

2. An Assortment of Mini Liquor Bottles

If you’re going to be on-the-go on the night of your birthday, mini bottles of booze are the better choice. Personalize them with cute little labels to commemorate the night.

Personalized Mini Bottle Tags | Boozy Birthday Party Favors | My Wedding Favors

3. Stemless Wine Glasses

Bottles of wine are great, but what if you want to hand out party favors that last for years to come? These stemless wine glasses, personalized for your birthday, will have a home in their cupboard so they always remember the big event.

Stemless Wine Glasses | Boozy Birthday Party Favors | My Wedding Favors

4. Stemless Champagne Glasses

Are you and your friends more of a champagne kind of crowd? Hand out these chic stemless champagne glasses. They can say “Drink Drank Drunk” or “Time to Party” along with your personalized text.

Stemless Champagne Glasses | Boozy Birthday Party Favors | My Wedding Favors

5. Personalized Gold Bottle Stoppers

Hand out these personalized gold bottle stoppers for the guests who love wine. Then, they can preserve their favorites in style.

Personalized Bottle Stoppers | Boozy Birthday Party Favors | My Wedding Favors

6. Gold Bottle Openers

These gold bottle openers are small enough to fit in a purse or wallet, making them perfect for those times when you’d rather not use your keys to open up a cold bottle of beer.

Personalized Bottle Openers | Boozy Birthday Party Favors | My Wedding Favors

7. “Sip Sip Hooray” Cork Coasters

Not only do these cork coasters look cool during the actual boozy birthday party and prevent any drink condensation from getting on your tables, but they also make good favors for your guests to take home at the end of the night.

Coasters | Boozy Birthday Party Favors | My Wedding Favors

8. DIY Treats

Of course, DIY treats are always welcome for a birthday party favor. Whether they’re homemade caramels or mini bottles of your own home-brew beer, that homemade touch makes your DIY favors extra special. Put them in these favor bags to tie them into your birthday party theme.

Favor Bags | Boozy Birthday Party Favors | My Wedding Favors