If you’re hosting a destination wedding with guests coming from all over the country to help you celebrate, greet them at the hotel with a lovely welcome – a wedding welcome bag! Today we’re sharing 8 items to include in your destination wedding welcome bags.

MWF WEdding Welcome Bag

1. A Warm Welcome

There’s nothing better than getting to your hotel and finding a special note from the bride and groom. Start your guest’s trip off right with a customized thank you note sharing your thanks for them coming to help you celebrate your big day. Custom tags with your note on the back are the perfect personal touch! You can also include all of the pertinent information, like shuttle times, ceremony location and how to get to the reception venue.

2. A Few Favorite Locations

Because your guests are from out of town, create a map with fun places to go and great things to see while they’re in town. Commission a designer to create a fun little hand drawn map for your guests to follow to some of the best places to eat, drink and shop in town.

3. A Local Favorite

Speaking of the best places in town, find one thing that the locals love and include that in your welcome bag as well. This will give your guests a taste of the local flavor and will be something they can take home with them to remember the trip.

4. A Personal Favorite

You can always include your favorite picks in your wedding welcome bags as well! Do you and your husband have a favorite trinket, drink or snack? Or a favorite collection of songs? Including something personal in your wedding welcome bags will make them a little more special.

5. A Lovely Libation

Something to sip on is always a fun way to welcome guests. Include your favorite brew or bottle of wine in your welcome bags so your guests can get the celebration going. If you do include a drink, make sure to include a way to open it! A custom bottle opener or wine opener with a pair of glasses are also great additions to the wedding welcome bag.

6. Something to Snack On

Who doesn’t love snacks? Include some special treats in your welcome bags as well. They can either be local favorite snacks or some of your own favorites, but including them will definitely make your guests happy.

7. A Small Bag of Essentials

A cute custom bag filled with a few essentials is always a nice thought. Some mints, Tylenol, bobby pins and band-aids are some staples, and you can also add in some location specific items – like sunscreen or lip balm for sunny destination wedding locations.

8. The Bag that Ties it All Together

Once you’ve gathered all of your items, you’ll need a cute bag to tie them all together! Choose a bag specific to your wedding colors, theme or location. And if you want to make it even more special, you can have it personalized for each guest!

Your guests will be so delighted to be welcomed by such a well thought out gift – it will make their time celebrating you that much more enjoyable!

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