8 Novelty Favors for Your Bridal Shower

Tea bags and honey, may work for some bridal showers, but may be too traditional for yours. You want the bridal shower favors to be fun, different and a little silly. Best of all, while the favors may be different than expected, they should also be useful. After all, you want your guests to be excited to take them home.

That’s where novelty favors come in. These fun little gifts will spread smiles across all of your guests’ faces. Get ready for some fun!

1. Typewriter Picture Holders

Rocking assigned seating for your bridal shower? That’s a great way for the different groups of ladies in your life to get to know each other. With assigned seating, you could use these little typewriters to hold the place cards. Afterward, guests take them home to use them as picture holders. This is especially nice if the bride has a lot of writer friends (or she is one herself)!

Novelty Favors: Typewriter

2. Team Bride Buttons

All the ladies at the shower are on your team, right? Then hand out these buttons. The bride gets the big one and the rest get cute “Team Bride” buttons. Even if you’re not going out for the occasion (after all, this isn’t a bachelorette party), they’ll look great in photos.

Novelty Favors: Buttons

3. Personalized Hot Sauce

You’re a spicy bunch of ladies, right? If heat’s on the menu, give out these little bottles of hot sauce. You can personalize the labels so they fit right in with the bridal shower theme.

Novelty Favors: Hot Sauce

4. Snowflake Bottle Openers

You’re not going to get the girls just any bottle openers. For a winter bridal shower, why not get them something that works with the season? These novelties feature a metal bottle opener surrounded by a silver snowflake. Now they can crack open a cold one in style.

Novelty Favors: Bottle Opener

5. Manicure Sets

Keeping the bridal shower ultra-feminine? Perhaps you’re having a spa or beauty theme. In that case, hand out these pink and black polka dot manicure kits. They’re shaped like purses! They come with a file, tweezers, nail scissors and nail clippers.

Novelty Favors: Manicure Set

6. Pine Tree Salt and Pepper Shakers

Need another idea for a winter bridal shower? These white ceramic pine tree salt and pepper shakers are both cute and useful. You can add tags if you want them personalized.

Novelty Favors: Salt and Pepper

7. Live Laugh Love Whisk and Tea Towel

While whisks aren’t exactly new to the bridal shower party favor scene, this set is extra special. In addition to a golden whisk, it also comes with a fancy “Live Laugh Love” tea towel.

Novelty Favors: Whisk

8. Gold Foil Playing Cards

Party games are a staple of bridal showers. In addition to making toilet paper wedding gowns and making your Aunt Martha a little uncomfortable with the NSFW trivia, sit down for a game of cards. The girls will love getting their own set of “All In” playing cards.

Novelty Favors: Playing Cards