9 Fun Ideas for a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

When choosing ideas for bridal shower themes, you should have two things in mind: what the bride is interested in and what could be useful. A kitchen themed bridal shower is one theme that hits both of these, and it’s an impeccable theme for a bride and groom who love to cook! Another bonus? They’ll be able to fill up their kitchen with all the useful tools they have yet to acquire as a couple.

Need some kitchen-themed inspiration? We’ve got you covered!

Kitchen Shower Activities and Games

Some of the most memorable events at a bridal shower are the activities and games. Just because it’s kitchen-themed doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to do. For instance, you could task all the guests with filling out cards with their all-time favorite recipes. This is especially a fantastic idea if you’re inviting a lot of food-loving relatives.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Recipe CardsBoxwood Avenue

Or you could play “Pin The Kitchen Tools On The Apron.” Ask every guest to come with one extra kitchen tool, then have them affix each to the bride’s apron during the shower. Don’t forget to take a picture!

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Apron

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Bridal Shower Favors

Though it’s not required, it’s always nice to provide guests with bridal shower favors as a way to say thank you for coming (and giving a gift of their own). Some cute heart-shaped measuring spoons are a useful favor that ties the whole theme together.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Heart Measuring Spoons

If you want to give your guests something fashionable, try these adorable tea towels. The bird designs are perfect if you’re having the bridal shower during the spring.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Tea Towels

Kitchen Shower Gift Ideas

What if you’re a guest? The bride will likely have a registry, but if there’s a little wiggle room, you can pick up useful (and adorable) kitchen-themed gifts of your own. This cheese board comes with the bamboo cutting board and cheese slicer so she has something classy to use when she has company.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Cheese Board

What are her favorite drinks? You could get her cups or glassware that go along with her beverage-of-choice. If she’s a Moscow mule-lover, she’ll love this copper mug.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Moscow Mule Mug

Then again, you could get her something that will always remind her of her wedding. Even if she doesn’t use this whisk as her “something blue,” she’ll always remember that they came from you.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Blue Whisk

Foodie Decor

When guests walk in the door, they should know right away that they’ve walked into a kitchen themed bridal shower. You can achieve that look by stocking the place in decorations that go with cooking, baking, eating and drinking.

Take every opportunity to fill up kitchen items, like pitchers, colanders, slow cookers and stand mixers, with fresh and fragrant blooms.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Flower DecorationsMelody Melikian Photography

You could even use wire whisks as tea light holders. Just make sure to affix the metal candle-holders in place with a hot glue gun to avoid any mishaps or use LED tea lights.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower: Whisk LightsMinha Casa

Which inspirations will you incorporate into the shower you’re planning? Share other fun ideas in the comments!