9 Great Weight Loss Tips

Hello all. Mr. Christopher with some great tips for weight loss that popped up on the MSNBC website as it appeared from SELF Magazine. The tips are so straight forward, that it’d be incredibly easy to be successful if you just follow these simple steps. They tested these by giving one tip to each person for a period of 3 weeks to see what worked and what didn’t. Here are the ones that actually worked.

  1. Stop drinking soda. – A simple enough statement that would make a world of difference to millions. A 20 ounce bottle packs the same calories as a chocolate bar and not anywhere near as filling. Even low calorie sodas with artificial sweeteners send bad signals to your body and you think you need to eat more to compensate.

    Their Test
    – A 45 year old test subject tries the tip and loses 8 pounds in 3 weeks.
  2. Eat Breakfast – This is the biggest skipped meal of the day by most admission and the worst one to skip. Slowly teach your body to intake calories in the morning and you’ll end up needing less by lunch and dinner time.

    Their Test
    – Multiple subjects tested and weight loss recorded was between 3 to 8 pounds among the testers.
  3. Use Smaller Plates & Glasses – If you use a smaller plates, then you’ll simply eat and drink less food. That’s the thought anyway. This tip yielded little results since the testers ended up being hungry by the time they were finished and ended up going back for seconds or snacking.

    Their Test
    – Testers lost between 1 and 3 pounds when they stuck to their smaller portions.
  4. Get Low Fat Versions of Your Favorites – While this is a great tip and may work for some, most low fat or no fat versions of foods taste very nasty. And even if you do find a good tasting alternative, you’ll eat more. While this is a good tip, it’s better to give yourself the real thing, but with smaller, more reasonable portions. This test worked, but provided the least effectiveness of all of the tips.

    Their Test
    – Testers lost between 0 and 1 pound.
  5. Get The “Trigger” Foods Out of Your House – If you have to leave your house to go get ice cream, you’re probably not going to go get it. Foods like ice cream, potato chips and candy should be removed from the home.

    Their Test
    – A big winner. The test netted a weight loss of between as little as 1 pound to as much as 10 pounds in just 3 weeks!
  6. Rate Your Hunger – Between 1 and 10, rate your hunger. If 1 is starving to the point where you’d eat mustard packets to make the hunger pains go away and 10 being “I’ve eaten so much that I need to unbutton my pants”, be sure you eat at 3 and stop when you get to 7. Follow this rule and you’ll stop overeating.

    Their Test
    – Their testers lost as much as 4 pounds, but some lost 0. You could lose some good weight if you get used to this rule, but it’s tough one.
  7. Start With an Appetizer – No, not cheese sticks. Starting your meal with a salad, soup or some fruit will take the edge off and it’s better to go in hungry and binge on a low calorie food than to start wolfing food down when the baked potato arrives. Penn State did a study that found that testers that started with a broth based soup lost 50 percent more weight then those that chose lowfat snacks instead.

    Their Test –
    In the 3 week period, weight loss was between 1 to 2 pounds, but when done habitually, that number skyrockets as your body learns to process the new intake style.
  8. Stop Eating Out – Restaurants have started making massive meal sizes for their patrons ridiculously huge. Resist the temptation to supersize it. It may be a great deal for just a little more money, but you’ll pay for it in the end. Your REAR end. This one idea is the biggest winner of all 9 tips since meals made at home are typically much healthier.

    Their test –
    As mentioned, the biggest winner. Testers lost between as little as 2 pounds to as much as 11 pounds in just 3 weeks.
  9. Eat Without Distraction – When eating, don’t sit in front of the TV. When your brain is distracted, you end up taking in more calories. Stay away from distractions when possible so that you can be aware of when your stomach is tightening and get your “fullness” cues and be more in touch with your body.

    Their Test –
    Their testers lost as much as 5 pounds in this test.

So there you have it, nine great weight loss tips that have been tested and proven. So whether you’re losing weight for your upcoming nuptials or trying the regain the beautiful figure you had before the pregnancy, these tips will get you back on track quickly and easily with the least amount of effort.