9 Ideas for a Cozy Autumn Wedding

The best things about fall are the excuses to be cozy, comfort food, candlelight and warm drinks. If you’re hosting a wedding in the fall, here’s your excuse to include all of your favorite autumn details! Today we’re sharing 9 ideas for a cozy autumn wedding.

Guests Get Cozy

If the weather on your autumn wedding day is going to be a bit chilly, provide guests with blankets to use during the ceremony! What’s better than everyone cozying up together to watch you say your vows?

Bridesmaids Getting Cozy Too

And if you’re going to have blankets for your guests, you better have some cute blankets or shawls for your bridesmaids to wear in photos too! Find an option that complements your dress colors and florals well and use them during wedding party photos!

A Cozy Autumn Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue adds to much to the feel of your wedding day, so if you’re hoping for a cozy feel, go with a venue that has the right aspects for a cozy wedding! Think lodges, camps, A-frame venues and cabins! Not only will you get your cozy feeling day, but you’ll also have the most amazing venue for wedding photos.

Moody Floral Bouquets and Centerpieces

You can’t have a cozy autumn wedding day without the right florals, and colors of your florals are everything. Choose stems that a little different – like adding in deep purple millet, different grasses and moody deep colored florals for centerpieces and bouquets with the most impact for your autumn wedding.

Cozy Cakes and Sweets

Fall is the perfect time for cozy, comfort food inspired desserts, too. Instead of a traditional white cake with white frosting, have your baker do a smooth chocolate frosting on your cake. It will add to the moody vibe of your wedding day and will be delicious, too!

In addition to cake, think out of the box when it comes to desserts! Cupcakes, doughnuts and pies all decorated to match your wedding theme are wonderful ideas that guests can enjoy once dinner is done and the dancing begins.

Cute and Cozy Favors

Wedding favors are one thing that can be easily overlooked, but thanking your guest with a sweet sentiment to take home is a nice gesture to remember. Kraft boxes with lace wrap are a perfect option for holding candies, sweets or other small favorites that you wish to gift your guest. They’ll be so thankful you thought of them!

Grooms Can Get Cozy Too

Don’t forget about your groom’s attire, either! His wedding day duds can be just as stylish as yours. A deep gray or navy suit is perfect for a cozy wedding day, and a deep red boutonniere is perfect for his lapel and will match the rest of the flowers of your big day.

With cooler temps and cozy nights, your cozy autumn wedding will be one day that you’ll remember forever!
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