9 Ideas for a Modern Rustic Glam Green Wedding

March calls for a wedding full of green goodness, and this modern rustic glam green wedding is perfect for this time of year. With gorgeous gold details and rustic accents, this wedding theme is the perfect amount of rustic modern glam.

Gorgeous Green Details

Adding a bit of green to your wedding is a wonderful way to bring life to your theme. And because greenery is so readily available, it’s a look that is easy to achieve.

A mix of greenery like eucalyptus, ferns, and other leafy green plants can be used to decorate your tables, chairs, and even the ceiling of your venue. The lush green design will add a great pop of color against your rustic modern wedding decor.

When filled with greenery, your glam green wedding is going to be a stunning celebration!

Rustic Glam Elements for a Green Glam Wedding

Your wedding can be rustic and glam at the same time. Choose a venue that has a modern, rustic, or industrial feel, then fill the space with rustic yet uniform pieces that will compliment your venue.

Instead of round tables, opt for wooden tables without table coverings and wooden bentwood chairs for the guests. Welcome them with a stunning rustic wooden sign with your names and wedding date. And add in rustic details like a wooden barrel cake table, vintage brass candlestick holders, and wooden boxes.

Keep parts of your party modern! Your table numbers and centerpieces can have a very refined feel to them when you add in straight lines and metal accents.

A Fresh Take on Florals

Florals for your wedding theme can be a little out of the box as well. Although we love the classic peonies and hydrangeas, instead, welcome a mix of wildflowers for your centerpiece arrangements.

Set up rustic displays filled with unique florals and use greenery to fill in the empty spaces. Lavender, zinnias, snapdragons, and billy blooms are all wonderful wildflowers that look amazing in bouquets and arrangements. Including them in your rustic glam wedding would be a great addition to your already stunning decor.

Your modern rustic glam green wedding will be one that is set apart from the rest with attention to detail and gorgeous design. Florals and greenery will make a statement, and your wedding will be one that sticks out your guests’ memories!

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