A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding

Have you seen the new wedding trend of 2019? A gorgeous elements themed wedding features precious stones, chic marble, and deep, colorful geodes. The design aesthetic harnesses the beauty of nature in a new, unique way. While this theme is posh and elegant, you don’t have to buy real precious gems to rock the elements. There are so many great items for decor, table setting, and wedding favors that look great but won’t make you take out a second mortgage to pay for it.

Need inspiration? We’ve compiled some of our favorites from our new Elements Collection. Check it out!

1. Elements Wedding Poster

As guests enter your wedding or reception, greet them with an elements-themed poster. This one has a marble border with gold accents and says “Welcome to Our Wedding.” Get it personalized with your names and the date of your wedding.

Elements Wedding Poster | A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding | Kate Aspen

2. Marble Elements Sign

You might need additional signs at the wedding reception, whether it’s to alert people of the gift table or encourage guests to use your hashtag in their wedding pictures on social media. This marble-themed sign is entirely customizable.

Elements Wedding Marble Sign | A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding | Kate Aspen

3. “Life is Brew-tiful” Marble Mug

Skip the cliche wine glasses and go for these marble coffee mugs as a personalized beverage choice. They say “Life is Brew-tiful” in gold foil and work perfectly for a brunch-time wedding reception.

Marbleized 16oz Mug Gold Foil | A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding | Kate Aspen

4. Glass Geode Coasters

Of course, people will need a place to set their drinks. That’s where these geode coasters come in. They’re made of glass and feature a beautiful purple and blue geode design with a glitter gold rim. Once guests use these coasters, they’ll definitely be excited to take it home with them.

Geode Glass Coasters | A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding | Kate Aspen

5. Jewel and Gold Wire Baskets

These gold wire baskets, accessorized with colorful jewels, come in handy at your wedding. Fill them with flowers for a pretty addition to each table centerpiece, or you could use them as favors by filling them with candies and other treats.

Gold Wire Baskets | A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding | Kate Aspen

6. Geode Bottle Opener

Need a small party favor that’s sure to be a hit? Hand out these stunning bottle openers. They’re gold and feature a pretty purple geode design in the handle. Nothing completes an elements themed wedding like gemstone inspired favors.

Geode Bottle Opener | A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding | Kate Aspen

7. Geode Bottle Stopper

You can even hand out these matching gold geode bottle stoppers. Give them out separately or as a set with the bottle opener mentioned above. Both are wonderful gift options that guests will enjoy using during the wedding reception as well as at home.

Geode Bottle Stopper | A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding | Kate Aspen

8. Marble Favor Boxes

You might have your own ideas when it comes to elements themed wedding favors. Perhaps you’re making French macarons with purple crystalized sugar on top or wanting to gift chocolate Andes mints. In that case, use these pyramid-shaped marble favor boxes to hold your favorite choice of treat or gift. These favor boxes will definitely tie your wedding theme all together nicely.

Marbleized Favor Boxes | A Gorgeous Elements Themed Wedding | Kate Aspen