Summertime is the best for fruit – everything is ripe, juicy, in-season and gorgeously plump. The colors are rich and vibrant and set the palette for a perfectly fruit-filled wedding theme.

Set your color palette according the the fruits you will use in your florals, sweets and centerpieces. Peaches, pomegranates, cherries and plums are all wonderfully colored for a late summer or early fall wedding, and when you include them in your wedding details you get a great pop of color and a unique style that’s all your own.

Instead of cake, opt for sweet treats filled with fresh fruit – berry filled tarts, small cakes topped with fruit and fresh fruit pies would work well with this theme. And the favors can be fresh too! Visit your local farmer’s market to see what deals you can get on bulk fruits. Toss some in customized kraft bags or boxes and your guests will walk away with a sweet & tasty memory of your special day.



1. My Wedding Favors 2. Frieda Theres, Julia Winkler Photography via Burnetts Boards 3. sutsaiy via Shutterstock 4. CLAIRE DOBSON PHOTOGRAPHY 5. Ashleigh Jayne Photography,  Poppy and Mint via Burnetts Boards 6.Anna Roussos Photography via SMP 7. Chikage1212 8. Jose Villa