Add Drama To Your Garden Wedding With Table Theatre

No, this isn’t a fancy tablecloth. It’s actually a picture of a leaf projected onto the table! Talk about adding the WOW effect to your wedding! Totally customized and out of the box, you can display just about anything with these visual presentations that literally transform your reception tables into a stage. They’re so different, I just had to let you guys know about them.

The very talented and creative people at B[EYE]T Media can create a truly unique visual experience with music, lighting and video like no other. It’s a coordinated video that’s projected on the table and around the room, which can make your guests feel like they’re sitting right in the middle of a garden. Just take a look at their videos for some wedding inspiration and some over-the-top designs. Although the visual effects will probably cost more than your entire wedding budget, it just might be worth it.

martini-shaker.jpgcherry-blossom-candle.jpgFor a much less expensive way to add drama to your table, there are tons of unique wedding favors to choose from. Whether you’re planning a garden wedding or a sophisticated cocktail party, you can accent your tables with one of these. Impress your guests with Cherry Blossom candle favor that really adds a delicate touch to your table, and your guests will love using it around the house. Or you can always shake things up with this Martini salt and pepper shaker with a signature olive on top.