An Enchanted Movie Night-In

That’s where the at-home movie night comes in! Turn your living room or even your backyard into your own in-home movie experience. Bring out all the blankets and pillows to make it cozy as possible–and don’t forget the snacks! If you want to make your movie night extra magical, go with an enchanted theme. Think unicorns, fairy lights, and sparkles. We’ve compiled everything you might need to make it special. Not picturing it just yet? Then read on!

1. Unicorn Cookies

You know what you can’t get at the movie theater? Homemade themed treats. Grab a unicorn cookie cutter and make some magical sugar cookies for your at-home movie experience. Leave the cookies plain or, if you have some decorating skills, turn them into colorful creatures with multiple colors of royal icing.

Unicorn Cookie Cutter | An Enchanted Movie Night-In | My Wedding Favors

2. Magic Potion

You can even make your drinks match your theme. It could be as simple as turning lemon lime soda pink or blue with food coloring. If you want to get fancy, pick up sparkling cider or make fruit punch. Use these “Magic Potion” stemless wine glasses to commemorate the event.

Magic Potian Stemless WIne Glass | An Enchanted Movie Night-In | My Wedding Favors

3. Fairy Lights

Fancy lighting is a must. This is a quick and easy way to turn your boring living room into a magical oasis. Try these hanging blue jars. They come with twinkle lights so you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by fairies.

Hanging Blue Jar Fairy Lights | An Enchanted Movie Night-In | My Wedding Favors

4. Enchanted Plateware

You’re going to need something to hold your cookies, pizza, and other snacks. Skip the plain white plates, and try these unicorn paper plates instead. They have a bit of sparkle to make the whole event feel special.

Enchanted Unicorn Paper Plates | An Enchanted Movie Night-In | My Wedding Favors

5. Popcorn!

Of course, popcorn is a must. Just because you aren’t at the movie theater doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite treat. Pop up some popcorn, and put it in these magical unicorn popcorn boxes. If you’re feeling adventurous, throw on some rainbow sprinkles onto your popcorn.

Magical Unicorn Popcorn Boxes | An Enchanted Movie Night-In | My Wedding Favors

6. Make It Cozy

The best thing about a movie night at home is you can skip the chilly theater and watch a film in comfort and coziness. So bust out all the blankets and pillows in the house, and line your couches and floors. You could even throw a blow-up mattress in front of the screen. And don’t forget the unicorn sleep masks!

Unicorn Sleep Masks | An Enchanted Movie Night-In | My Wedding Favors