Bachelor Party Ideas Any Bride Would Approve Of

Why do guys feel as though they have to be “naughty” at their bachelor party in order to have a good time? Sure, it’s their last hoorah as a single man, but that doesn’t mean that they have to have a raunchy ruckus that most brides would consider to be in poor taste. Instead of strippers and boozing the night away, consider one of these alternative bachelor party ideas:


Get the adrenaline going with a super-charged game of paintball. Reserve some time at a paintball venue, and have at it. There’s nothing like playing commando for a few hours to shake off any wedding-day jitters. After a day of running around with a paintball gun in hand, he’ll feel that he can conquer anything–especially a trip down the aisle. Afterwards, head to a great restaurant for some good food or throw a barbecue at the house where you can present everyone with a grillmaster barbecue set as a groomsmen gift.


Plan a day at the lake or a deep-sea fishing expedition for your favorite “fly” guys. A camping weekend at your secret fishing hole is a great way for everyone to bond before the big day. Even if the only thing he brings back is a great fish story, the groom will still have the best catch of all–his bride!


For card players, a night of poker can be a great way to celebrate the fact that the groom definitely has the winning hand…for life! All you’ll need is a fresh deck of cards and some great comfort food, like burgers or ribs.

Sporting Event

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or a college face-off, gathering for the love of the game is a great way to hang out with the team. They’ve been your “#1 fans” throughout your life, so rent a Hummer limousine and travel in style to basketball game, football game or even NASCAR. Don’t take on any riders, but be sure to give the guys a cool groomsmen gift like this picture of three collegiate jerseys hanging in the looker room with your groomsman’s name personalized on the back.

There are plenty of other themes that can be tasteful and fun. But, regardless of whether you choose a party idea that’s fun, adventurous or even a little embarrassing for the groom, be sure that it’s something that fits with the groom’s personality and will be enjoyed by all.