Beautiful Rose Quartz and Serenity Wedding Flowers

The best thing about Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, is how easily you can incorporate them into your wedding flowers. The muted rosy pink and dusty periwinkle blue make the most gorgeous combination for floral arrangements.

With so many trendy pastel combinations, you may be overwhelmed with how much you have to choose from. We’ve curated our top picks for some of the most beautiful Rose Quartz and Serenity wedding flowers.

A Beautiful Boho Bouquet

If you gravitate to the pink tones of Rose Quartz, go with a bouquet that brings the pretty shade front and center. Then add longer stems of Serenity-inspired blooms and vines for a boho chic touch.

Pretty Pink and Blue Boho Bouquet | Rose Quartz and Serenity Wedding Flowers |  Wendy Laurel Photography | Bella Bloom Floral BoutiqueWendy Laurel Photography | Bella Bloom Floral Boutique

A Subtle Tulip Bouquet

While Rose Quartz and Serenity are lovely colors, you may be looking for something more subtle for your bouquet. Mix in white or cream-colored flowers for a soft, romantic look.

Tulip Bouquet | Rose Quartz and Serenity Wedding Flowers | Caroline Tran | Krista JonCaroline Tran | Krista Jon

Pink, Purple and Blue

Another color that goes matches perfectly with this color palette is purple. Pick a purple flower, like these lavender lilies, to mix in your bouquet.

Pink, Purple and Blue Bouquet | Rose Quartz and Serenity Wedding Flowers | Joseba Sandoval via Style Me PrettyStyle Me Pretty

Pastel Table Centerpieces

Don’t forget about your floral centerpieces! Decorate your wedding reception with little vases full of charming pink and blue flowers.

Pastel Pink and Blue Table Centerpieces |Rose Quartz and Serenity Wedding Flowers: Floral Centerpieces | Katie McGihon | Arrangements Floral and Party DesignKatie McGihonArrangements Floral and Party Design

Roses and Hydrangea

Why pick a small vase of flowers when you can go big? Fill large vases with pink roses and blue hydrangea, and place them around the venue, from the guest book table to the dessert table, for lush, dreamy color.

Roses and Hydrangea | Rose Quartz and Serenity Weddings Flowers | Sarah Haywood | Fabulous FlowersSarah HaywoodFabulous Flowers

Do you love this color palette for your wedding? Which bouquet is your favorite?