Beauty Tips for a Tropical Destination Wedding

Imagine standing on the beach, sand beneath your toes, as you say your final “I do,” while the sun sets beyond the edge of the ocean’s crystal water…

That’s the appeal of a tropical destination wedding, right? You get to say your vows, surrounded by friends and family, in a warm and magical part of the world. But where you might have handled your beauty routine differently in the less-tropical place where you’re from, it all changes when you enter the humid, hot domain of the tropics.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Julie Wilson Photography

Follow these beauty tips to ensure a relatively worry-free tropical wedding.

  • Slather on the SPF. And I don’t just mean on your wedding day, but all days leading up to your wedding while you’re at the tropical destination. Not only will you be soaking up the sun (who wouldn’t?) but, since you’re closer to the equator, you’ll burn much faster. Trust me, you won’t look nearly as elegant during your wedding if you’re as red as a lobster.
  • Avoid thick face makeup. Brides are often tempted to put on a layer of makeup thicker than what you’d find even on the actors of a stage play. While that might work in colder regions, here’s something you need to know about a tropical wedding: your makeup will melt off. The heat and humidity will have foundation and powder dripping down your face before you even grab your bouquet. Instead of slathering on thick foundation, dust loose translucent powder on your face. If you get sweaty, you could dust some more on without ending up with a pool of makeup on your dress.
  • Keep eye makeup light. Tropical weddings are better suited to bare or subtle eye makeup than to darker, smoky looks. Stick with a thin brown eyeliner and a light, sheer shade of eye shadow. For a bit of fun, pick eye shadow colors of orange, pink and red to match the sunset. Just make sure it’s subtle and not gawdy.
  • Work with what you’ve got, hair-wise. Like I’ve said before, the tropics are humid and hot. If you don’t know how heat and humidity affects your hair, use the days leading up to the ceremony to see how it reacts. Some of us get super frizzy, while others experience limp ‘dos. Once you know, you can plan your wedding hair around your new tropics-centric problem.

A tropical destination is different than what you’re used to, which is one of the main reasons why you chose it for your destination wedding. Just remember to tailor your bridal beauty routine to accommodate those changes.