Rose Gold Face Mask

Best Wedding Favors During a Pandemic

Despite planning your wedding for a year or more, sometimes things out of your control work to change your plans. Just because we're in a pandemic, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate your wedding. As you follow the guidelines set out by your state or town, tailor the wedding favors to help your guests stay safe, comfortable, and happy. These are some of the best wedding favors during a pandemic, and your guests will love them.

1. Personalized Hand Sanitizer

There's a good chance that at least one person will forget to bring their hand sanitizer. Solve that problem by handing out bottles of hand sanitizer to each guest. Get the labels personalized with your favorite design and the info of your big day.

Hand Sanitzer

2. Face Masks in Your Wedding Colors

Face masks are a must for a wedding during a pandemic, but that doesn't mean this can't be fashionable. Pick out face masks in your wedding color so everyone can match. Just imagine the pictures!

Face Masks

3. Face Mask Extenders

Wearing face masks around your ears for hours can cause a bit of discomfort. Give your guests face mask extenders to help ease the strain on their ears. This wedding favor will come in handy long after the wedding.

Face Mask Extenders

4. Personal Tissue Paper

Most people get at least a little teary-eyed at a wedding, if not fully crying. The problem with crying during a pandemic is that you don't want your guests to touch their face or eyes. Hand out these packs of facial tissues so guests have a barrier between their hands and their faces.

Tissue Paper

5. Perfect Pear Soap

What about after the wedding? You can also give guests a take-home favor with these gorgeous "Perfect Pair" soaps. Now, they can think of you whenever they wash their hands and smell that gorgeous sweet scent.

Pear Soap