“Bette” You Wouldn’t Wait 23 Years for Wedding Pics!

Imagine not having any photos of your special day? Well, that’s what happened to Bette Midler. Whether it was by accident or the chapel decided to just hold on to them for publicity, she didn’t get them on her wedding day. Surprisingly, it took 23 years for multi-award winning singer and actress Bette Midler to receive wedding photos after her quickie wedding in Las Vegas in 1984. You would think that such a well-known star getting married by an Elvis impersonator would have no problems getting those shots. But somehow, they were “misplaced” and were just discovered while the owners were closing the Starlight Chapel’s doors for the last time. She says, “Three weeks ago the guy closed the chapel and sent us the pictures. We were so shocked.” I’m sure seeing the photos was like reliving that fun and fateful day all over again. Now, all she needs is a nice photo album! I must give kudos, though, to Midler and hubby Martin von Haselberg for outlasting most Hollywood couples, even after getting off to a sort of “wild and crazy” start! Better late than never… I suppose!

las-vegas-tin.jpgwedding-camera.jpgMy advice to you is that if you’re planning a destination wedding to a place like Las Vegas (or any place for that matter), be sure to bring along one of these disposable wedding cameras. That way, you can snap all the pictures you want without having to wait 23 years to see them! Give one to the wedding witness (your pseudo bridesmaid), the lady on the organ and even the Elvis impersonator to be sure you don’t miss a thing. While you’re at it, you can also pass out these delightful Las Vegas themed wedding favors.