“Blossom’s” Jenna Von Oy Ties The Knot–Her Way!

Brides who are looking for ways to really personalize their wedding can take a few tips from Jenna Von Oy. You remember her as the fast-talking BFF named Six on the TV show “Blossom” and Kim’s best friend Stevie on “The Parkers.” Forever the “sidekick” on sitcoms, she’ll now be standing side by side with her new hubby for life. And, I’m sure it’s a role she’ll gladly play.

10-10-10 strikes again

Buying into the hype of this once-a-year day for a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony, she and husband Brad Bratcher, a Dell computer data consultant, chose 10-10-10 to tie the knot. Whether it was for good luck or to help them remember their anniversary, this significant date was destined to be special. I’m sure her hometown of Newtown, Connecticut was all aflutter with wedding details. Here are a few highlights.

Adding a personal touch

Looking to make the day as memorable as possible, it’s always a good idea to incorporate things that are totally unique to you–whether it be the location, the food, the music or a wedding theme centered around a hobby or interest. In this case Jenna and Brad found lots of ways to do that.

– Their dog, Bruiser, served as ring bearer

– Now a musician, Von Oy wrote a song for the couple’s second dance

– They chose a peanut butter and chocolate wedding cake baked by Bratcher’s sister, a professional chef (I’m thinking there’s a love for Reese’s Cups here!?)

– Even the proposal was all about them. No fanfare or big to-do. It happened on a quite evening at home with their five dogs because that’s just who they are. “He blindfolded me and sat me down on our favorite chair and said to all our dogs, ‘Come in here kids, I need you!’ ” she says. “Miraculously, they all somehow innately knew it was important, and all five of them were sitting around me with him on his knee when he took the blindfold off.” How sweet!

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