Blue Wedding Favors That Are Anything But

Many times, when you think about the color blue, it refers to someone’s saddened mood. They’re feeling blue about something or another and it’s left them feeling down and out. For too long when it comes to a person’s mood, the color blue has gotten a bad rap. And we’re here to change all that.

Rather than thinking about the melancholy aspects of blue, focus on the melodic, moving and downright cheerful mood this color can bring. If it’s good enough for a clear sky and a deep ocean, it should be just perfect for your wedding! So if you’re planning to paint the town “blue” for your special day, consider these blue wedding favors to help you “say it loud, you’re blue and you’re proud!”

gumball-dispenser.jpgBlue is fun! Just look at this blue bubble gum dispenser. Using it as a unique wedding favor will have everyone popping with excitement and having a ball. It’s colorful and cute—everything you’d want in a favor. This classic mini favor is filled with delicious bubble gum and is perfect for bridal showers and retro weddings. And if you’re having a candy bar reception, this is a must for guests to take home.

ocean-breeze-soap.jpgBlue is cool! Just like an ocean breeze, guests will be blown away with this practical wedding favor. Guests are sure to admire the beautiful blue box and will be delighted to discover two lightly scented shell soaps inside. Who couldn’t use these soaps for themselves or displayed in the guest bathroom? It’s a favor that cleans up the competition.

jewish-favor-box.jpgBlue is faithful! With pride in your heritage or as a testament of your faith, Jewish wedding favors can be a beautiful and meaningful part of your special day. This easy, do-it-yourself wedding favor box features a cut out of the Star of David on the front, which allows the blue inner box to show through. All wrapped up with blue ribbon, it’s a heartfelt thank you for your guests.

As you can see, blue can be so many things. So let it be yours! Check out our full selection of blue wedding favors at