Breakaway Bridal Gowns Go From Wedding To Reception In A Snap

Years ago, in order to make a quick change after the wedding for the reception, brides had only one option–adjust the train. Transforming the gown into a simple floor-length formal, the train was removed or pinned up in a bustle so that the bride could easily move around and entertain her wedding guests. Over the years, that idea has morphed into removable pieces and even changing clothes for an entirely different look. And, now, a mesh of the two, we have the convertible wedding gown.

Free To Party!

Let’s face it! Some of those wedding gowns can be so restrictive that it’s hard for the bride to walk down down the aisle, let alone boogie down on the dance floor. But, with these convertible gowns, she can do that and more. Removing the skirt, sleeves, train and other pieces, she’s FREE TO PARTY! Here are a few before and after pics to give you a glimpse of the transformation.

Two In One

It’s amazing that with a few simple changes, the bride can have two dresses and two totally different looks for her special day without the expense of purchasing a second dress or the hassle of completely changing clothes. There are many other benefits too!

  • You can go to the restroom without traveling with an entourage.
  • You get to show of your beautiful legs at the reception.
  • You might actually wear the “party” portion of your dress again–it’s likely you’ll never wear that wedding gown again after the wedding.

You don’t have to stop at the dress either. Why not ask your hair stylist to design an up-do that can be “released” at the reception into a new style? Or, have a different pair of wedding shoes to wear at the reception.

One style tip, though. Be sure that the dress has a seamless, cohesive transition. It shouldn’t actually look like it’s two dresses that have been “forced” together like this one on the right. Obvious designs like that seem to detract from the elegance of the day and the surprise when you take it off at the reception.

So, if you’re looking for a way to do something different at your wedding, have a totally different style or just don’t want to worry about tripping over your wedding dress all night long, a convertible wedding dress may be just the thing for you.