Bride On The Brink: Jennifer Scipioni

Today’s Bride On The Brink tells us about the most rewarding part of her wedding planning, and she has some great tips about securing a venue and vendors. As always, we hope the insights offered by our real Brides On the Brink will help other brides-to-be have a smooth, stress-free wedding-planning experience.


BRIDE: Jennifer Scipioni (Atlanta, GA)

LOCATION: Windermere Golf Club, in Cumming, GA, which is about 34 miles north of Atlanta


COLORS: Tiffany Blue and Fuchsia



Q. How long ago did you begin planning?

A. We got engaged in May 2008, and I started planning two weeks after.

Q. What’s the most important thing on your mind right now??

A. There’s a color problem with the invitations. They’re not quite the color I requested, but they have to go in the mail.

Q. How are you handling the stress, if any?

A. There hasn’t been much stress, because I did things way ahead of time using a checklist.

Q. What’s been the most stressful part of planning for your wedding?

A. Staying within budget and looking for the best value, because you want the best.

Q. What would you do differently if you had the opportunity?

A. I’d probably have a destination wedding and only invite immediate family, but we just have too many people we wanted to invite.

Q. What’s been the most rewarding part of your wedding-planning process?

A. Involving so many members of the family and having them take part—from inviting several relatives to the tastings to having cousins, aunts and parents help pick out my gown. I went to New York with my mom and sister so my grandmother could help pick out my dress. Granny paid for it.

Q. Did you use a wedding planner?

A. No. I’m a pretty good planner, and I wanted control of everything. Even if I had all the money in the world, I would still probably go it alone.

Q. What last minute details do you have left?

A. We still have to choose vows, design the ceremony, and we haven’t chosen the music.

Q. What did you choose to forgo in your wedding plans because of the economy?

A. We’re doing the flowers instead of hiring a florist. We’re buying flowers in bulk and making our own centerpieces. We’re also not going to have a limo.

Q. Advice for other brides?

A. Do a lot of research. Don’t say “yes” to the first quote. Get over your fear of negotiating. Just say, “This is my budget. This is all I have to spend. How can we compromise to get closer to what I want?”

Q. What life lessons did you learn from planning your wedding?

A. Don’t stress the small things. No one’s going to notice. The important thing is getting married, not what people are eating.

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